Friday, January 18, 2013

Demi has been on her new diet a week. I did break down when we got the list of foods she can't have. Malt is one of them-malt is in every thing from maltodextrose to all purpose flour to wheat bread all the way down to caramel coloring. She just can't have it. She has to be on a wheat free/gluten free diet. I do know that there are other kids that have this disease and are much worse off. Right now, Demi is okay. Like her doctor said, even though she can have an apple now, doesn't mean next month down the road her body is like um yeah we hate apples now and she has a flare up. I have to be vigilant and always be monitoring her symptoms. So for now, she is basically eating like a cavewoman. Fresh meat, some vegetable and some fruit. She does like Glutino brand cereal bars and noodles-they are gluten AND Wheat free. They use rice flour to make their products and Demi can have rice. She has stated that since starting this diet, her pain has decreased, but swallowing is still difficult. It will take time I guess. She is back to be a loving awesome kid. 

Now on to Jacob, he took his first dose of medicine and he got really tired this morning at school. I am sure it is a side effect, but it could be that he went to sleep finally at 1030pm and was up at 6am to play on Club Penguin. He took his medicine fine and when I picked him up at 315pm, he was calm and not talking a mile a minute. He didn't make any weird noises, waited his turn to speak to me-was just a completely different child. Then he did his homework and I have never seen him have neat handwriting and it was legible. I was crying on the inside that my child got help and he concentrated hard on his homework. He then played on Club Penguin some more and sat there quietly playing and was able to stay focused. He even got out of bed to tell me his beanie tigger was ripped. HE NEVER EVER GOT OUT OF BED BEFORE WITHOUT SCREAMING FOR ME TO COME UPSTAIRS. That alone is a huge step for him.

 I am so thankful that these two awesome creature were given to me to be their mom. I am not the best mom or the perfect mom, I am the right mom for them. Tonight was the first night in a very long time that I felt calm about my life. I am okay with it. It is what it is.

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