Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Today is my son's turn. He was just diagnosed with ADHD. I have suspected for a while that he had issues, I just didn't want to face the truth or pull my head out of the sand. He was also diagnosed with sensory processing disorder and moderate anxiety. His therapist is not ruling out Aspergers yet, but she is hoping some of his social awkwardness will get better with the ADHD medicine.

 I went to fill his prescription and one pharmacy has no stock. They told me this other pharmacy across town does. Okay, drive 20 minutes there and hand them the script and am immediately told the doc filled it out wrong. WTF is what I thought. She didn't write the numerical dose out for the number 30. So, it won't be until Thursday that he can take his medicine, because the pharmacy person has to call and ask the doc if she can hand write the numerical number of 30. Oh well laws are laws on schedule II drugs.

 I am hoping that this medicine helps son focus in school and he can concentrate better and be better organized. He is not one of those kids that are jumping all over furniture, running around like he just inhaled 50 pounds of sugar; he just lacks focus and attention. I can live with that at home, I just him to be successful in the school environment and achieve all that I know he is capable of.

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